29 .Jul 2014
About the Campaign

I Won’t Honk Campaign

The density of traffic in India has increased tremendously over the years. Honking seems to be a favorite pastime during the never-ending traffic jams.

The number of vehicles in Bangalore and also in India has grown by heaps and bounds and so has honking. We want to do away with the myth that honking leads to quick movement in traffic. It must be also brought to notice that excessive honking is also a medical hazard.

The “I won’t Honk–Citizen movement aims to create public awareness in the hope that it will be able to influence a change in the attitudes of vehicle owners and that it will bring down the need to press the horn. The initiative will come up with guidelines for the installation of horns that are within the permissible limits. The idea will be to discourage unnecessary honking and this will be done by encouraging a more disciplined approach to road traffic.

Efforts will be made to create awareness amongst drivers on the ill-effects of noise pollution via honking. The initiative plans to partner with various communities to drive the change in cities and towns across India.
The idea is to bring together the common man, Traffic Police, State Transport Agencies, Taxi and Auto associations, schools and also colleges. Corporate houses will be roped in too along with radio stations and television channels.

The core idea of the campaign is to get each driver in Namma Bengaluru to resist the urge of honking unnecessarily. Highlights of the initiative are:
• Each driver takes a pledge to not honk unnecessarily
• The driver makes a pledge to himself or herself. Rather than somebody else saying “stop honking”, this is a voluntary pledge.
• It is a citizen’s initiative. So, the campaign is not owned or driven by any individual or company. EVERYBODY owns it.
• Campaign is self-driven and promoted through technology (individuals take a pledge through web site, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

The campaign will be launched on March 5, Tuesday from 11:00 am to 11:30 am. The BMTC, KSRTC, BIAL Taxis, few Auto Unions etc are a part of this campaign. Each participant will be given a booklet on noise pollution and how to be a catalyst for change. Rahul Dravid and the Police Commissioner will participate in this event.

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    Wow! this is something every Indian needs to pledged, proud to do so and will share it my groups as well! – Sunil Venugopal- Director – Facilities & Adminsitration & Founder Member of FM-zone.

  • I congratulate the entire team for this Initiative and wish you all the best for the future.

  • Here is an important pledge to be taken by each and everyone. I personally take pledge and request all my friends to do so….

    Let us stop honking and reduce noise on our roads.

  • Inayath, narrated an interesting change of mind to me. His two wheeler horn was not working and needed repair. He heard me talking to Anand over phone about I won’t honk initiative and decided why get it fixed, since he does not need the horn anymore!

  • Kudos to the team! A very thoughtful idea. Will share it with as many people I can. Let’s strive to make our country a better place to live in.

  • I believe that if all the “educated” people in Bangalore stop honking, that itself would be a 70% reduction in honking noise!!! Can we change ourselves first before we talk about the auto drivers, cab drivers and the bus drivers?

  • This campaign is really wothy to the residents of Bangalore ,launched by City Traffic Commissioner and cricket veteran Rahul Dravid. Every resident of the city should take the pledge and support this campaign. I pledged the moment I read in TOI, this morning and hope every other fellow resident will take pledge and encourage the campaign. Success of the campaign is for every residents comfort to have a noise free atmosphere around you, tension free driving, attention focuseed on safe driving, respecting the person driving the vehicle ahead of you. By this campaign, we all naturally learn to respect your fellow drivers.
    I wish the campaign spread to every part of the state and the country effectively.
    I wish the City Traffic Commissioner review the backup alarm on cars too, before it grows to an alarming level. Currently, one vehicle in a road spread noise to almost a kilometer area. The alarm if essential at some crowded and unsafe areas, the audio level should be heard within 2 meters, beyond that is a nuisance.
    Honking and high audio level back up alarms are considered uncivilised in all developed countries and most developing countries.

  • Ever since i bought a vehicle, i was wondering whats the use of a horn, when i am not gonna use it. I’m very happy to say that i’m one of those who rarely uses the horn, my friends keep pushing me to HONK to get to our destination faster, but at that time i am DEAF!

  • Do not honk your horn unless it is a safety warning to avoid a collision. Honking simply because traffic isn’t moving just signifies the individual is uncivilized and is fit to be penalized.

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    People should be educated to use rear view mirrors and signals for lane change. every 6-8 seconds, driver must check his mirrors. if there is any vehicle on the next lane, don't change lane. id there is any fast vehile behind you, you should give way to them.
    BMTC and KSRTC still using the banned air horns. Why can't govt take necessary actions
    HONK when need... don't use HORN Unless.. don't HONK for moving destination faster, leave early. times is precious. so don't HONK...iWOn't HONK.
    damn :\ In India people tend to inch closer and closer to our vehicle from behind and at times end up bumping into us and blame us for braking suddenly. RIP Logic and traffic rules.
    I am happy here I pledged and my goal is to spread this message to all over India, Tired of this honking without any reason ma ma ma ma....